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Solved Unable to select license key from list to assign to user

Hello,When I try to assign a license key from the list of keys we have, I click on the right key and it takes me to the bottom of the list of keys. It does not associate that particular with the user. Sometimes rarely this works on first try, but I h...

Solved Connection error on Beacon - The connection to FNMP succeeded, but the server did not respond to the test correctly

Hi,So recently we change the password of our service account, updated the new on on Task schedulers, IIS app pools and services on app server and beacon server. When some of the system task didn't run for sometime, checked that password was not updat...

beacon error.PNG parent connection.PNG

Solved Exporting Data from Flexera to Third Party

Are there ways I can export the data from Flexera to Third Party.  For e.g.  Can I export data from Flexera to HP AM or CMDB? Can I integrate Flexera with Normalize/technopedia? Where can I find documentation for that?

2019 r2 upgrade error

Dear All, we are trying to deploy 2019 r2, and are getting the attached error.  Can someone help.  This error occurs whether we do an upgrade or a fresh install.  Please help

Solved Switch fields to become mandatory possible

Hi, we're in the middle of implementing FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R2 and wonder, if we could re-define the field category for example in the Asset object to become a mandatory field. Would this somehow be possible by doing some customization on data...

oqueck by Level 6 Flexeran
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Solved where do i find the vcpu value?

Hi all,for a SLES license consumption we need to determine the vcpu for virtual machines. I am not sure which value i can use because there is no explicit vcpu value in the inventory informations - or i am just not seeing it ...and yes the vCenters i...

Solved Timestamp in logfile

Hi,is there any option available to get a full timestamp in every line in the logfile?at the moment there is only the time visible. BR