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Hi Experts,

1. If I'm not mistaken "Synchronize enterprise groups in user and device properties" does not allow the device properties to be updated against its user properties.

Currently, we are updating corporate units to devices and we looking to reflect these changes to users as well. What is the best way to handle it ?

2. Can we customize the system setting "Synchronize enterprise groups in user and device properties",  to be applied only for desktops and not for servers ?


Rajesh Ponnala





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Re: customize system settings

Hi Rajeesh,

Online help is has very good description regarding setting "Synchronize enterprise groups in user and device" 

Help topic can be found under


This setting applies to both desktop and server (all the inventoried devices).



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Re: customize system settings

Hi @rajeshponnala 

the Flexera help for this option says that unfortunately it is only updated from user to device, but not the other way around

Synchronize enterprise groups in user and device properties — When you change the enterprise group allocations for a user, the same changes are made automatically to any devices assigned to that user. The reverse is not true: changes to the enterprise groups for a device record do not automatically change the user record.

For the second use case I would fall back to a business adapter, which updates the data on the individual objects based on certain rules (e.g. compare the last change date of Enterprise Group on the inventory with the date on the user and update if necessary). Unfortunately, there is no general recommendation, since it really depends on the use case which object may be the leading data source for the change of Enterprise Groups, for example. In the worst case there is a daily back and forth of changes

In my projects I consider inventories and user objects separately. User objects are updated e.g. from the AD or an HR source with appropriate information. Inventory objects get their information from a CMDB or other sources for the assignment of Enterprise Groups.