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FNMS Access Logs

Does FNMS keep access logs to the suite? Who, and when they logged on?Who tried to log on and failed? The premise here is that we are required to adhere to governance requirements where the logging of Logon and Logoff events that appear to, by defaul...

Solved FNMS Multi-Server Ports Configuration

I am preparing for a multi-server customer installation.  The setup will be as follows:Web ServerApp Server (Batch/Inventory)Beacon ServerDB ServerI am looking for information on the port configurations needed for each of these servers. I have a tabl...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Flexera agent and FNMEA server communication

Between the FNMEA admin server and Flexera agents, is there any user authentication information communicated between them? If so, is it in plain text or encrypted? Please advice. Thank you!

devi_g by Level 3
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Solved Discovery

Hi,Good day.I noticed that most if not all machines have current discovery time and yet the software they are using is not being captured well by the agent. It's like the discovery time was set to today's date and yet if you look at the applications ...

Flexera Cognos Data Model - Usage

Hi All - I was searching the Cognos data model for the 'usage' metric that FNMS calculates for us, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be in the model.Is it classified somewhere I might be missing? Or is this something we have to manually update so ...

UAT Test Plan Document

Hi CommunityTrust you are well. Can anybody assist me with providing me or sharing with me a draft UAT Test Plan for FNMS.Your assistance is much appreciated.regardsManish

Zoom application is not being recognized

Team, It has been observed that Zoom application is being installed in the environment. However, it is not reflecting as installed application on user's machine in FNMP. I have checked the installer evidences as well where I can find the evidences fo...

Solved Authorisation of local operators

Hello everyone,I am really struggling with setting up the right role authorisations for our local IT responsibles. Since we have local puchases, but the licences are not directly assigned (it is not recommended and the compliance calculation would be...