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ADDM adapter - LPAR data missing in UI present in XMLs

Hi Dear Community,

We have a FNMS Cloud solution and were trying to bring in LPAR data from our ADDM adapter. The OOTB solution for ADDM adapter doesn't bring in the Main frame data in its orignial queires. So we are replicating the adapter in UAT to modify the queries to point to the main frame nodes to query the nodes and fetch us the data we need.

The process was a success and there is one thing that is a bother - for 7 LAPRS that we have - I do see all the softwareinstances listed on the XMLs output, but when inventoried into the application - I only see a handful of 1 or 3 software listed in the app tab of the inventory device

I would appreciate any insights or suggestions on where this could be going wrong. Appreciate it!

Thanks and Regards

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It is likely that the software evidence was imported, but you will only find it in Unrecognized Evidence.  FlexNet Manager does not have native support for the MainFrame platform and the Recognition Library therefore does not have patterns for mainframe software.  You would need to manually process the Unrecognized Evidence.

@kclausen  Appreciate the responses! I have a curious question to this response - I don't see any evidences listed on the evidences tab of the inventory device apart from the 3 recognized applications. To elaborate on this :-

Let's say the Mainframe system 'A' on the softwareinstance.XMLs output had 126 instances found, but on the application and evidence tab for the inventory device 'A'- there are only 3 softwares listed.

Shouldn't the evidence tab locate all those 126 evidences despite being recognized or unrecognized?


Thanks and Regards



It's difficult to assist without you providing a bit more insight into what you expect to find in the Evidence tab of this device. E.g. Installer or File Evidence, what does the XML represent, and would all these records represent different applications, or...?


I have this resolved now and would like to share the outcome with the community that's ever so helpful!

We were working on modifying our tier 1 adapter in UAT to be able to support bringing in Mainframe ADDM data via the BMC ADDM adapter.

The queries had to be modified and later once implemented, not all evidences were being brought into the application despite being discovered on the software instance.xml.

So what we performed later with the insights provided here and on the FNMS support - we created a local evidence and then imported the data from ADDM staging into cloud and this then created the evidence that was missing on the evidences tab of the inventory mainframe device.

The evidence now stands recognized - since Flexera is not currently supporting mainframe evidences and application on ARL. Our next goal is to plan for an approach where we can have a scheduled creation of evidence being created on a daily basis from the sourcing XMLs into our application so that we can still be up to date on all our main frame evidences and later create application manually.


Any thoughts or comments in this regard is most helpful!

Thanks and regards