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Ability to capture 'failed login attempts'

hello all,Our CAD application uses FlexLM technology for license control. I am looking for a method to capture 'failed login attempts'. Is this a feature supported by FlexNet Manager? This is required to meet DFARS requirements. Thank you,

PaaS Discovery / BYOSL Management

Anyone have information how to ingest this information into FNMS in order to provide a single pane of glass view of licensing?  All I've found in documentation is reading for what PaaS and BYOSL is but not how to manage via FNMS.I'm open to manual ef...

Solved How to import ndi file manually

Hi all, I have run on some offline servers the ndtrack script manually with the option Upload to false. So now I have the inventory files on my hand by I don't know how to import them in FNMS. Is there some KB or how-to?Thanks

marcog by Level 8
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Solved Upgrade from 2019 R2 to 2020 R1 failing with error

Updated DBs - all ok, ran installer with no errors but get the below when running config.ps1 on Inventory server. Unzipping signed packages from ''C:\FlexNet Manager Suite\BP\'...ExecuteCustomScripts : System.Management.Automation.Me...

Solved EOS, EEOS, & EOL Dates

From what I've read and heard is these fields in FNMS are not editable. However most remain blank.  Any workarounds to introduce static data to these fields to enable reporting opportunities?

Solved Compliance API Service - SSL certificate problem

I'm getting this error when using curl to connect to the Compliance API service - curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificateMore details here:'m seeing this on my test server as...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Solved Contracts Notification

Hi,Any thoughts on how can I stop notifications from expiring contracts? Is that something I can do from the portal or should I need to change something from the DB? Thanks,WackyAnalyst,SAM