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Accessing Flexera APi via Python but swagger_client doesn't seem to work

Hey all - 

I'm a long time developer but just a few programs in Python.  We want to access data through the APIs on Flexera One.  The doc isn't bad and it offers example code in several languages since Since this is just a fetch, I'd use Python.

Using VisualStudio Enterprise.

I tried getting swagger_client via NuGet but it kept saying "Version 0 doesn't exist".  It had other Swagger modules that would load so I included them to see if I could get Swagger included (somehow).

That seemed to get me to the next step but stuck again.  During authorization I get:

module 'swagger_client.configuration' has no attribute 'api_key'

So does anybody now how to get past this hump?


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Community Manager

That's an interesting question, but you may not find many people specifically familiar with swagger_client here. You might have better luck finding another forum on the Internet where topics related to swagger_client are discussed; StackOverflow might be a place to start.
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