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Saas Manager and ITAM integration bring usage or not ?

By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

Hello ITAM & Saas integration expert

May I please confirm Flexera two component's integration shall bring Saas User's app access date as Usage into ITAM license ? 

Pier to documentation, the impression is it should ( Saas manager user's last activity (access date)) will be imported as 'last used date' via overnight import.

But what we see is the ITAM license 'Used' tab is 0 

Screenshot 2022-09-30 180906.png

Screenshot 2022-09-30 181320.png


Can Flexera confirm

1. We shall expect to see reasonable 'Used' amount in ITAM license 'used' column after the integration, correct?

2. It shouldn't require the 'traditional'  FNMS (app installation + Usage via agent and make sure exe file assigned etc) , is that correct?

Thanks in advance team



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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Looking at some sample data for similar license records to what you're looking at here, I am seeing usage counts coming through:


So this suggests to me that usage data on Power BI licenses will flow through from SaaS management functionality to license records. This is without usage data being gathered by the FlexNet inventory agent.

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By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

Hello Chris

Thank you for your reply. Those two licenses were showing 0 on usage. I have manually added the workaround by adding the 'Power IB Unspecific' title (arl://MGS-APP-00000414917) into those two licenses.  As I know (by checking DB from an on premise system)...ImportedInstallerEvidence from Saas Manager connection...there are a handful of IE will be imported. Then FNMS Content team will link evidence to the Software title.  The key problem of missing usage is the Software Title containing Saas evidence may/may not included in the ITAM Saas manager license created by reconcile. In this case the  "Power BI Unspecific' title wasn't included in those Power BI Licenses. 

Secondly It looks like we still require the 'installation' established first from the license grid, then usage will be reported. If you see the license "Microsfot - " with named user type are mostly from Saas Connection. The consumed one without usage is due to inside application linked by product, none of them has installation.  For example , Dynamic 365 ...similar to Power BI, we do imported raw evidence from Saas , but the product doesn't link evidence to title which included in any licenses.

I have reported this to support , the idea is the customer will expect usage should comes through automatically. But in reality to see the usage, we need to make sure the Installation of title ; as well as that title need be included in Saas Licenses.  Both of them should be taken care by product, but for now some are missing and requiring manually linkage.

Hope it make sense Chris,