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New Flexera One ITAM Capability – SKU Browser

New product developments often happen when our customers provide great feedback on new features or capabilities that they would like to see in our products. Thanks to value feedback sessions, comments on our community pages, and participation in our customer advisory board, we are proud to announce new functionality in our Flexera One ITAM product with our new SKU Browser feature.

What is a SKU?

A stock keeping unit or (SKU) is a unique identifier for a product and is assigned by the manufacturer to help distinguish products from each other, track the products, and help with inventory in the case of physical products.

For a customer identifying a SKU can help you understand what you bought, and then how to allocate the resource, and in software licensing having a SKU means we can apply our product use rights library (PURL) against the SKU to automatically tell you how best to utilize the asset.  

What does the SKU Browser do?

The SKU Browser displays any software SKU which is recognized and populated in the IT Asset Management SKU library. On accessing the SKU Browser, you can enter a SKU number and browse publishers, applications and their extended descriptions. You can also search by publisher and product to return a list of SKUs along with additional information to help you choose the most relevant option.

For users who need to view SKU information, a new role called SKU Library has been introduced in the Creating a Role page and must be assigned to those users in order to view SKU information. Three different privilege rights are available in the drop-down: Read onlyNone, and Custom.

SKU details can be auto-populated in purchase orders allowing a much smoother experience and reduction of manual time and effort in creating new orders.

To ensure that the SKU browser is updated with current information a new sub-task called Software SKU and License Definition Updates has been introduced and added to the ARL Import task. This new sub-task is responsible for populating the SKU Browser with updated SKU information. After the ARL Importing sub-task has finished running, the Software SKU and License Definition Updates sub-task will automatically run.

SKU Browser Saves you Time and Frustration:

Because SKUs can have miniscule differences, they can often be very difficult to identify. Regional differences in SKUs, reseller SKUs, slight variations in SKU products, OEMs, and SKU’s that are difficult or impossible to search for on Google make it frustrating to find all the different variations of a product or license.

By utilizing our SKU browser which references Flexera’s enormous SKU library with data on license models and supported applications on over 2 million SKUs, you can find all possible variations of similar licenses by vendor or application name saving you valuable time in attempting to locate and research each individual SKU.

Our data is what matters. Flexera continually invests in the curation of our SKU library with a team of dedicated professionals to ensure it’s current and accurate, and because we utilize automation to reconcile licenses from identified SKUs you are able to create purchase orders directly from any SKUs you select.

How can I access the SKU Browser?

The SKU Browser is accessible in your ITAM product under Procurement > SKU Library > SKU Browser

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