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How to make the windows FNO on-premises write archived logs extension in .zip format instead of .gz?

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Currently, Windows compatible FNO On-premises does archive of logs in .gz format. This makes an administrator difficult to see the archive logs without installing any 3rd party software in the same windows server/machine. This article describes step...
by Revenera dekumar Revenera

Unable to create connection to mail server from FlexNet Operations

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Symptoms: After configuring the "Outbound Mail Server Host" and selecting "Outbound Mail Security" as "None" in FlexNet Operations under system-->configure-->FlexNet Platform Server, while testing it by using "Save config and Test Mail Server" but...
by Revenera dekumar Revenera

Where can I find upgrade instructions for FlexNet Operations On-Premises?

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SummaryWhere can I find upgrade instructions for FlexNet Operations On-Premises?SynopsisWhere do I find upgrade instructions for updating FlexNet Operations On-Premises to the latest version?DiscussionPlease find attached the Installation Guide for F...
by Revenera dgalloway Revenera

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