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Having trouble connecting to BigFix DB2 server

My team was given access to the BigFix DB2 server and after entering the connection string, the connection was successful. However,  the reader file does not seem to know how to read the database properly to find the right version and therefore grab ...

Solved Vendor log file is not collecting data

I have updated my license file for Mentor Graphics to include an  Options line (highlighted in bold). I have stopped and restarted the license server but I am not collecting any data. Any ideas on why the report log is not collecting data?  The log f...

kdoyle by Level 3
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FNMS Attachment Storage

For documents attached to Contracts, Purchases and Licenses are those easily assessible from the server? I have a need to download many documents, opening them one by one manually will take some time I'd rather invest more wisely elsewhere. Thanks in...

Web service ping failed

 Hi there!in SAP integration in Flexera tool. we got the below error message when we given our service account credentials (as username and password).My question is do we need to allow any certain privileges to the service account on soaman.If so wha...

ReshmaB by Level 6
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ARL failed to upload

Dear All,   Arl is getting failed with below error  2022-06-23 01:53:18,884 [Recognition.Program ] [FATAL] An unhandled exception occurred.System.Exception: Error running command: sqlcmd.exe -S FNMSDBNODE -d FNMSCompliance -b -i "C:\ProgramData\Flexe...

SRicky by Level 4
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Oracle Programmer false positives from OUI

Hello,I've noticed that Oracle Programmer (and other Oracle software) is detected from OUI on all machines for every Oracle home present. The query I used to identify the alleged install paths:SELECT * FROM SoftwareOccurrence so JOIN SoftwareDetails ...

unable to send mail from Cognos Application

Hi, While sending the mail from cognos application getting error. A failure notification was sentError CNC-SDS-0410 The email message was not sent. Approximate message size: [897 B] The Mail server returned this error: [530 5.5.1 Access denied. ]Erro...