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Proposal to simplify restrictions by enterprise group in roles & license enterprise group assignment in FlexNet Manager Suite

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What is the idea? We are considering whether it would be feasible and helpful to make a simplifying change so that your FlexNet installation has a single type of enterprise group (that is, Location, Cost Center or Business Unit) configured that will ...
by Flexera AamerSharif Flexera

Updated FlexNet Inventory agent for Oracle Java compliance

8 18 1755
There has been much consternation about the changes that Oracle has introduced around Java recently. In a nutshell, commercial use of Oracle’s Java Standard Edition (SE) will now require a paid subscription. These are some of the possible issues that...
by Flexera vijay_menon Flexera

Upcoming IBM Bundle Library change - July 17 update

9 11 1423
July 17, 2019 update: We've now concluded our review of 1-Level IBM bundle tests and the updated content will be released as follows: FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud - July 29th, 2019 FlexNet Manager Suite on premises - August 22nd, 2019 Please note,...
by Flexera dgalecki Flexera