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FlexNet Manager Blog

FlexNet Manager Blog

Inventory Device Matching Transparency in FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R2

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Inventory Device Matching Transparency FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R2 bringing many features that are going to provide a lot more value and Inventory device matching transparency is one of them. A new management view available in the Discovery & Inven...
by Flexera AamerSharif Flexera

Oracle Java: anything but a glamour dance!

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This article is related to Flexera FNMS August Newsletter Oracle has decided in 2019 that any new Update of any Java versions… as well as any new “BPR” build, would require a license… either calculated on the Oracle Processor metric for servers or pe...
by Flexera nrousseau1 Flexera

Definition of FNMS (FlexNetManagerSuite) components

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Definition of FNMS components Below are the components of FNMS and a general explanation of how they function. NOTE: The components listed may differ between on-premises and cloud customers. Core Components: Batch Inventory Application Agent...
by Community Manager jturley Community Manager

Readers and Writers

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Readers Location: C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\ImportProcedures\Inventory\Reader Readers are located on the batch server component. Depending on the inventory source, it will depend on what variant this will run. Compliance "Rea...
by Community Manager jturley Community Manager

Beacon Application to Database

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Beacon Application to Database Data Imports (One-off uploads) These one-off uploads are initiated from within the FNMS UI. These records go directly to the database and can be org, inventory, purchase order imports, usually either CSV or XLSX dat...
by Community Manager jturley Community Manager

Windows Server, SQL Server, Red Hat and Oracle Optimization: SAM Best Practices Webinars recordings are available

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This article is related to Flexera FNMS September Newsletter A new track started in July: The monthly SAM Best Practices Webinars. News and deep dive on specific topics, the goal of the webinars is to keep FNMS user aware of what is new in the produc...
by Flexera nrousseau1 Flexera

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