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Device is not reflecting in All inventory

Hi Forum,

we have 2 servers where agent is installed successfully over a month ago and the .ndi files are getting created and exported to the beacon but still we don't see the inventory device got created in All inventory and any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this and the servers are Oracle and Redhat linux servers.

No errors observed in the logs and this is an on-prem setup.



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You may want to investigate on the beacon and/or the application server whether you're having some of the same symptoms as reported by others in other threads, e.g. Invalid Tenant Error after trying Inventory File or ndi in bad logs for invalid tenant 


hi John,

have verified the bad logs and didn't find any of the .ndi files of the devices which are not reflecting in all inventory.


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Community Manager

Some ideas of places to check to see how far details about these computers are flowing through the system are:

  1. Check in the uploader log on the top level beacon to ensure it shows files from these computers being successfully uploaded to the inventory server.

  2. Check in the Computer and InventoryReport views in the inventory database to see whether a current inventory date is shown for these computers. (If you are using Flexera One ITAM, you would need to have Flexera Support check this for you as you won't have direct access to the inventory database). An example SQL query to use might look like:
    SELECT ComputerID, ComputerCN, HWDate
    FROM dbo.Computer c
        LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.InventoryReport ir ON ir.ComputerID = c.ComputerID
    WHERE c.ComputerCN = 'aaa'
  3. Check whether the computer names appear in the Raw name column of the Inventory Device Matching grid in the UI.
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Hi Chris,

seems like .ndi files related to the servers are being uploaded to the beacon and not found in badlogs. Checked the computer as per the query provided and there is no HWdate is null .

Tried to create a inventory device manually with few details available from ndi but even after 2 days the inventory is not updated completely rather there are only few properies updated like general, Licenses,ownership, VM properties and history only. Later i have deleted the inventory device completely, waiting for the next reconciliation to see if the device gets created as it should.

For the 2nd device which is a oracle VM i've created an inventory device with few of the details available from the .ndi file from that device and the next day it got updated with all the details as per the ndi file i have for reference.  




Hi @ChrisG ,

this is strange that the device created manually got updated with few fields(from vmware rule) and only few properties of them got populated but still the device is showing as created manually and source is not changed to FNMS. Please suggest



Can you check in replication folder for NDI inventory files details. is it with latest date . Also can you upload policy, tracker, installation, uploader logs in this thread.