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Oracle License Consumption Issue - getting rejected

Hello Team,

For a 'Oracle label security CPU' license, in the license configuration 'Oracle label security unspecified' application is mapped to application covered by upgrade/downgrade rights.  Even if this application is covered under this category in application settings of license configuration, servers having this applications installed are not getting consumed by license while performing license assessment results. All the installations are rejected and no license is consumed.

If  'Oracle label security unspecified' application is identifed on a inventory device, will the inventory device get rejected when respective oracle license consumption results is ran?
Please let us know the reason for this and also the solution for getting the inventory being consumed by license.

Kind Regards,

Sachin MS 

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Hello Team,

can you anyone please provide update on this?

Kind Regards,

Sachin MS

In my understanding Oracle Label Security (OLS) is an Oracle Database Options, that means installations  don't count on licenses as long as  the Oracle Database instance inventory reports a usage.
 So, you should check if the Oracle Instance Inventory on those servers is returning any result for OLS.
The Oracle DB admin could also check on those servers if anything is present in the OLS related views and tables that indicates an active usage.

Hello @alexander_frit 
Thanks for the update.
'Oracle label security unspecified' application is part of applications tab of 'Oracle label security CPU' license. This application is part of upgrade/downgrade rights under application tab of the specific license. Even if this application is part of license config and a inventory devices has recognized 'Oracle label security unspecified' application in application tab of the 'Discovery & Inventory' --> 'All Inventory' tab, this application is not being consumed on the inventory device for that specific license.
Please highlight what fine tune settings required to be carried out on 'use rights and rules' section of a license.

Hello Team,
Can anyone please respond to this request, thanks.

Hi @ms_sachin123,

As @alexander_frit pointed out, for an Oracle Database Option to consume any license entitlements, the Database Option must be reported as installed AND used.

Basically, this means that the idential application (Database Option) detected on the Oracle server is also reported on the Oracle database instance and must have a 'Yes' shown in the 'Used' column.

The information on the Oracle database instance is created by the Oracle GLAS SQL scripts that are run on the database.

In your case, 'Label security unspecified' application detected on the server will not match the 'Label security' reported by the Oracle GLAS scripts, as the later 'Label security' most likely has a software version.

To fix this, you have to make sure that instead of 'Label security unspecified', the correct - matching - version of 'Oracle Label security' is detected (based on Installer evidence) on your Oracle server.

Hello @erwin_lindemann ,

Thanks for the update.  Thank you very much for the explanation.

Correct matching version of  'Oracle Label Security' based on installer evidence on Oracle server is 'Oracle Label Security 23.0%'. This application is not added in ARL. Raised content request to Flexera vendor with installer evidence to add this application on ARL library. Once it is added, will request business team to add Oracle Label Security 23.0%' in license configuration . Will request them to run 'License consumption assessment' to check the status of consumption from inventory for  'Oracle label security CPU' license.

Kind Regards,

Sachin MS

Hi Sachin,

Thank you very much for the feedback 😃.

While waiting for the Flexera content team to add 'Oracle Label Security 23' to the ARL, you could consider adding it manually and maintaining it as a 'local' application'.

Best regards and best wishes - Erwin