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FNMS: Oracle options not well recognized


We have deployed  a Flexera 2019 R2, beacon, agents version 2019 R1.2. ARL, PURL, PUR from 18/10/2020 so is included ARL #2502) 

In windows 2016, we have problems recovering the following options in Oracle 18c:

  1. Real application Cluster: only is recovered the product one node.
  2. Golden Gate
  3. Real Application Testing:

 Is a known problem?. 


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More information regarding the problem, i think is in ARL, for example RAC is in use in the LMS scripts (exported done from Flexera), but in the Oracle tables in flexera ther is no information about RAC, ony about one node.

Is it possible to change thorugh evidences the application detection ?


Do you have any plans to upgrade to 2020 R1? I'm asking as the Oracle Transparency functionality may provide more detailed information about how it comes to the conclusion about which options are being used...


Hi @JohnSorensenDK and everyone,
We have just updated to 2019 R2, nevertheless we have another client with the cloud solution, and for the cases of RAC it will be the same. In the detail tab of the instance database RAC doesn´t appear, so the new functionality is not useful for this case.

The LMS scripts (the flexera version) when are processed ? Is the agent who process and generates the evidences in ndi?, So the problem is in the agent. In fact in tracker log, the agent discover consumption.
Is in fnms during inventory/reconciliation at night? Is the ARL?.

Actually, we don´t know what we can do to improve the situation. The only way Is add the consumption manually as a machine in the license, but in my opinion is the last resort. We want to have the data updated automatically.

These happens with the three options RAC, RAT, golgengate.


I understand, so I would suggest that you leverage the support case to get assistance in analyzing where the information about options get lost. I'll notify you personally about the support case (automatically generated from this community thread), so please leverage this for further troubleshooting.