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IATrack success stories

I’m curious to know if anyone has had success using IATrack with Hyperion.   Some info that would be helpful is:

  1. What version of FNMS are you using?
  2. Are you confident the application user information IATrack provides is accurate?
  3. Was the implementation of IATrack
    1. Easy
    2. Challenging
    3. Difficult
    4. Unsuccessful
  4. Have you had any issues with IATrack since your implementation?  (please explain)

Anything additional information would be helpful.


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By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

We are running a MS SQL server for our Hyperion installation, so we failed 😞

Hello @adamgalbreath 

Recently I have helped a partner using IATrack (which is not officially supported FNMS component). They are Multi-tenant FNMS 2019 R2. The product is a production Oracle Siebel system.  Here are some challenges you may encounter :

1. The v9.2 IAtrack tool is the most recent version available from the KB article , but the outcome of ndi file seem still resolved file in the most recent FNMS Inventory manager.

2. The file size of an IAtrack ndi file can be huge. One of the Oracle server generated 1.6 GB ndi (surprisingly the IATrack tool itself runs well)

3. Based on the large size your potential challenges will be and workaround be:

- a. Try to compress the ndi -> ndi.gz by a compression tool

- b. Due to MSP/Cloud FNMS, you can't directly resolving the ndi on server but have to run through beacon -> Batch server (As beacon will assign a Tenant UID on the file header during upload), this is the logic of multi-tenant system

- c. You will need to overcome the beacon uploading 'timeout' issue while transferring a 250 MB compressed ndi gz file (there is a registry key in beacon you can increase the timeout)

- d. Once the ndi file is uploaded to the Batch server, you will also need to increase the 'resolver' , the default value will easily go 'timeout' when resolving such big ndi file  (there is a registry key in batch server regarding resolving command run time)

- e. Once the ndi file is finally resolved into IM, and a successfully import to FNMS , you should see the Oracle machine with dbo.importedinstance data via either log / sql / or UI (unrecognized installer evidence)

-f. You will be very likely to create a EBS application by picking up those Oracle evidence (as likely they haven't been in our public ARL due to the popularity). Once you can build the local app by linking the 'new local' evidence. It should almost enough 

-g. We use the Oracle application user license type by linking the new local Oracle title , we can see the Oracle user and consumption correctly.




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I'm in a similar situation. I have a client running 2019 R2 with a number of SIebel licenses. These licenses are not linked to applications and the ARL is lacking in terms of recognizing the various applications.

  • Is IAtrack the best tool to use while following the provided instructions?
  • Will this allow me to upload the data into the tool to track inventory correctly?
  • Will I be required to create new applications based on the file evidence produced?
  • Will Flexera update the ARL for Siebel products so there is consistency and uniformity througout the product?

@CareyThomasKAD  - I'm not that familiar with Siebel, so don't have much to contribute on that sorry. From my limited knowledge I think Siebel may be an application that really requires specialized data to be gathered to automate license consumption calculations, and current versions of the FlexNet agent don't have any specialized data gathering capabilities specifically related to Siebel.

In relation to IATrack: this is a research tool used by Flexera to research new ideas of inventory gathering techniques. It is generally not likely to be appropriate to use this tool for production use, or without somebody from Flexera asking you to run it to help with some research or investigation they are going.

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