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ELI5 - How do I import a bulk purchase via the Beacon?

Hi there. 

As the subject suggests, how does one go about importing a bulk order into Flexnet via the Flexera beacon? 

I am able to do it via the one-off import, however it does require manual manipulation of a spreadsheet. Ideally it would be totally automated via the beacon. 

Any help would be awesome


(2) Replies

I suggest reviewing the following training courses (PDF files) in the 'Flexera Learning Center', please:

  1. FlexNet Manager Implementation & Administration - Business Adapter Practice Guide
  2. FlexNet Manager Suite Technical Install & Admin Self-Study Course - 1.2.7-Import Business Data with Beacons

I've had a look at that.
but I've got a large spreadsheet i need to import into, and then associate those purchases with assets.

We have a spreadsheet that gets generated, but then we need a beacon adaptor that imports purchases, then associates those purchases with assets without any human interactions.