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"All employees" aka. "Headcount" automated license user allocation - how?

We have a lot of licenses that are based on our total employee count.. total headcount... (aka user based)

In a large company, headcount changes almost daily. As such, our "All IT Asset Users" table in the Organization left-hand navigation updates every single night with people and their status.

So, how can we automatically allocate All Employees to a license, and ensure that the allocations to that license refresh every single night as the All IT Asset Users table updates?

We now have Device and User Restriction Groups. What about the idea of Device or User based "Allocation groups"? We could easily build a report based on the All IT Asset Users table, and assign that report to this imagined "User Allocation Group" tied to that license. Therefore, every night as all the integration and inventory jobs ran, and All IT Asset Users was updated, then also would the allocations to that license be updated.

Any other ideas to do this that exist today? Sure, business adapters, but since all the data required is already in Flexera, any solution that requires that we scrape that data out of Flexera somehow just to load it back in through an adapter seems... not ideal.

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By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion


Love your idea of Report based 'allocation' . Please do create an 'idea' for future enhancemen I believe it will be beneficial for all. 

For the current , if Business adapter is not an option , and in case your solution is not an on premise one which you may can find a way via SQL ... then just in case you are not aware the UI does allow a bulk 'add' for the allocation in User based license. Certainly it's not very nice as it's allow a maximum 100 at a time to the license. 

Screenshot 2023-03-11 222722.png

I bet you already aware anyway 🙂



Thanks Big Kev! Yeah, I started down the GUI route adding 100 at a time, which lasted for about 2 seconds when I realized it would take me over 600 batches of 100 to get everyone allocated.... just to have those allocations degrade the next week, and the week after, and the week after that, as headcount changed! 🤣

Thus, the quest for a simple bulk user allocation solution in the GUI.

Aka. How do we automatically allocate slices of the ever-changing All IT Asset Users to license records that represent "all employees/all headcount" license type flavors.