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Unable to Allocate Device for IBM Cloud Pak

What would cause one to not be able to allocate devices?  I'm selecting device and trying to change state to "Allocated" and this functionality will not work.  Will not allow us to allocate devices.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Does it happe with a specific license type, or with all licenses?

Cloud Pak - VPC

Oddly, I also see that while I have a large list of devices that are in "Unallocated" state, when I click them to try and allocate them, I have a selection to "de-allocate" them.  I have to assume these are devices I had to manually add for consumption and is behaving this way, however, it makes no logical sense to me to have an option to de-allocate on an unallocated device.


I just quickly tested allocation of a Cloud Pak - VPC type of license to a device, and I don't seem to run into the same challenges:


Are you able to provide an anonymized screen shot of what you're seeing, and maybe also the detailed steps that you're following?