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Network device info Q

Hi team, 

I have a question for a use-case and I'm hoping Flexera could be the solution for it. I have an in-house developed application that holds network devices CMDB information (vendor, model, S/N etc.)

I want to be able to take the relevant data (vendor/model/SN etc.), feed it via API to something (hopefully flexera), and get back information such as End of Life, End of Service and/or anything publicly available for that specific vendor/model/SN.  (I already have this working for Cisco vendor for example, but that's because they provide this information via their website. I'm hoping to broaden the scope to more vendors and use a centralized db for that, see attached example)

Is this a use case I could use Flexera for, or am I in the wrong place? 🙂 



Note: There is no connection from Flexera to device, there is no agents involved, I am just hoping Flexera has a database of this information I could utilize. 

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Nobody knows this? 🙂 Even if you ignore API, can any of the existing users get this info in Flexera today? Can you add a model of a device and get EOL info automatically from somewhere? 


The Flexera One Technopedia API may be able to provide the capabilities you're looking for, but please study its APIs and qualify this as per your use cases?