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EDIT (2022-02-24):

We're happy to deliver the good news that the same public-facing API is now available in our European (EU) cloud. Existing Flexera One customers on EU zone can take advantage of this capability. The title and content of this announcement have been updated to reflect this.


EDIT (2022-02-02):

This was announced prematurely because the public-facing API is only available in NAM Cloud as of today. Only the backend service is available in the EU Cloud. We are exploring the effort to make the API available in the EU Cloud and will update the communication accordingly. In the meantime, the title of this announcement has been updated to reflect this. 



We have been working in the past year to rebuild the foundation of Technopedia as well as reimagining how users access it through an API. We are excited to announce that the new Flexera One Technopedia API is now available in both the NAM and EU Cloud.


The new Technopedia is built upon a native cloud-based unified content environment. It fulfills the vision to have all content in one place, to become the most trusted and comprehensive source of hardware, software, SaaS and cloud product information in the world.


Technopedia API provides a standard way to access various datasets in Technopedia. The API allows users to query information around manufacturers, software and hardware products, taxonomy, as well as enrichment content (aka "content packs" such as lifecycle dates) that they’re entitled to.


This is a GraphQL API; it follows the standard GraphQL over HTTP with POST requests.

The API supports the following capabilities:

  • the ability to iteratively get all data in batches
  • access to data that the user's organization is entitled to (e.g., specific datasets, enrichments)
  • expose specific properties based on access (i.e., certain properties, such as legacy Technopedia ID's, may be hidden from users since they're not relevant to the user's organization)
  • query capabilities to fetch relations across different datasets
  • use the API to get data and bring it to other tools (such as BI tools) to do analysis or generate report or to built an integration with other products


The following enrichments are available as part of this GA release:

  • Base: enabled by default, which includes base information around manufacturers, products, versions, models, editions, etc. Base enrichment also includes access to Technopedia Taxonomy.
  • Lifecycle and Support: which includes both Software Lifecycle and Hardware Lifecycle
  • Hardware Specifications: which includes information around power consumption, environment specifications, and physical dimension of hardware models

(Note that Open Source Licensing as well as Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence enrichments will be coming later this year).

The following tools and technologies are used to build and deploy the API:

  • Golang and Goa framework to develop the backend code
  • MongoDB Atlas for storing the data
  • GraphQL to query the data
  • IAM for Front-end authentication
  • AWS Kubernetes (EKS) to deploy the service
  • Travis CI for Continuous Integration
  • Jmeter for performance testing
  • Front end testing tools like Postman, Altair
  • Github as a code repository

Please reach out to your Flexera account representative if you're interested in the new API or Flexera One in general.

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