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Cost Center Issue

Seeing an issue where I assign a cost center to a system and save the record.  However it is not actually retaining the cost center in the ownership tab.  Anyone else experience this?

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Also noticed that in the History tab it shows the attached after attempting to update the cost center.  Seems like there is something off.




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Hi Goody612,

I have performed this activity in my demo org and it works as expected (link a CC to an inventory record)

It is listed in the History too. Could I suggest you retry? If this continues to fail, please open a service ticket and provide a more detailed breakdown of the steps you are taking.


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Thanks.  I have tried several times and also had another user try as well with the same results.  No issues performing the same steps with a user record.  I will have a case opened.  Thanks again!

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If you are trying to update an inventory device record that is liked to an asset record (or vice versa), then I wonder if there is something funky going on with synchronizing the cost center value between both records. If that is your scenario, maybe try updating the asset record rater than the inventory device record (or vice versa).

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