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Multiple beacons configure while installing Agent

We have multiple beacons in our environment. We would like to provide all the beacons servers in the bootstrapping file  e.g. msgsetup.ini file for windows, unix, mac, etc. It will help where we have multiple domain and they can't access beacon insta...

User Hardware Assets Not Listed

When viewing the hardware section of the user properties in FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R1, I notice that the Assets portion of the form only displays device hardware assets. Is there a configuration to enable all hardware assets, including non-device...

RobertH by Level 6
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Office365 Adapter implementation

In the implementation of O365 adapters , "Cloud application administrator" does mean Azure account or else some other think.Could you please brief on it . 

aprabha by Level 3
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0ffice365 adapter implementation

In order to create the connection on  Microsoft Office 365 online service. Which would be the best way to implement :1)FlexNet Manager Suite’s Multi-Tenant App to Connect to Microsoft 365 or else2)Registering an app using the Azure portal to connect ...

aprabha by Level 3
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Device Role based on Subnets

As of now we have update Device Role through Business Adapter. Is  there any way to update Device Role based on its Subnet or IP Address ?We have 2019 R2 on-prem.

Beacon activity log files

Hi,Anyone had any issue with the 2020 R1 beacon (on v15.1) generating large number of activity log files?Ours is currently creating over 4k per minuteThanks

Manage Engine Integration with FNMS 2020 R1

Good dayI would like to know if anyone has done an implementation with a tool called Manage Engine.Put simply, Manage  Engine is a tool that manages - ITSM, Hardware and Software Inventory.The backend DB iused is a PostgreSQL.Any assistance or guidan...