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2020R2 Compatibility with ServiceNow(Paris) at the documentation above. It doesn't show 2020R2 having compatibility with ServiceNow(Paris) but the following week shows that it does...

rclark0 by Level 6
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TLS Issues in windows 7 and Windows 2008

Dear All,I was getting the below 2 errors in Windows 7 and Windows 8 Server respectively. The following network error occurred while retrieving the application: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. ( Windows 7)Download failu...

emtmeta by Level 7
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Solved Business Adapter SQL Query - temp table?

Hello all,I'm playing with a new business adapter to import data into my database, but I get an error.  It references a temp table that I use in my query, so I'm guessing that the Business Adapter Studio does not like that?I can always import the dat...

Solved How to manage changing vendor (Publisher) names?

For applications (products) and licenses, the publisher name changes overtime due to divestures of acquisitions. After some time the Publisher name of products in the ARL is updated but not always and it is also relevant to know former names of publi...

Solved FNMS support for Citrix Cloud

Please confirm if there is any roadmap items for support around Citrix Cloud and running virtual desktops  in this will inventory be collected? And will this be supported in FNMS? 

How to Findout SAP Original TCode from Custom TCode?

Hi all,my customer is using custom TCode in SAP. The custome want to find original TCode mapped to custom TCode. As far as I know, the custom TCode was created through the SE16 but there was no windows to composite original TCode. Are here any body w...