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Re: Under-Consumed Licenses

The screenshots provided show dollar values for publishers at risk.  I'm actually looking for dollar values for under consumed licenses.  Something happened to a license recently that caused the value to go from millions to billions and there is no way to 'find' that license based on dollar values that I can see.  In the under consumed view, you only see consumption numbers, I'd like to see the unit price per license (most don't have an over ride price)or something to identify the license with the issue. 

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Re: Under-Consumed Licenses

Ahh yes, I was thinking the other way around from you.

I don't think there is anywhere in the system that gives a breakdown of the under-consumed $ amount by individual product or license - the drill down from the tile on the dashboard shows the related licenses, but not the individual $ amounts that make up the global amount. I've encountered this before too, and just had to go through records by brute force to find details.

You may wish to post something in the following thread to suggest an improvement in this area to show the individual amounts that contribute to the global amount: Have an idea for changing FlexNet Manager? The product team wants to hear it

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Re: Under-Consumed Licenses

One option is to use Cognos which does expose the calculated unit price of a license as well as the purchased/consumed/available counts of licenses.   

Note that this is using the operational model (FlexNet ManagePlatform Reports and Dashboard) so is only available if you are using FNMS on-prem.  Here's a quick mock-up of what it might look like and the data model objects used further down.




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Re: Under-Consumed Licenses

Thanks Murray. That seems to be what I'm looking for. Unfortunately I cannot recreate that report in Analytics.
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