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System task modifying status from active to ignored

I've looked at history records of a few ignored devices, and they were all modified by FNMP\SVC-Flexera. and the description states "status was changed from active to ignored"

The only documentation I see where the system will update this, is if the attached asset is marked as retired or disposed. 

this does not apply to most cases that have this issue. 

what criteria causes the system to change this status?  Since then I can figure out how to fix it. I don't just want to change the status, I want to understand what causes this, so maybe I have a root cause to fix. 

If this is explained in more detail somewhere, please advise. I looked at a few documentations and it doesn't explain it. I could have missed something. 

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


This sounds like you are looking at a FNMS Cloud environment.

For on prem I would have said that a business import run by the service account could have done the change. Not sure if this applies to cloud as well.

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I would recommend that you review all of your existing Business Adapters, as that is the likely source that is updating the Inventory Device "Status".