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Standalone Unix agent upload to windows file share

We have an environment where we have FNMS running and collecting inventory, however one of the groups we are working with has an air-gapped network that requires inventory, but will not have any FNMS server infrastructure in place.  We have successfully, in the past, been able to have the ndtrack process utilize a file share to drop the NDI files, and we collect them in one place and move them to FNMS manually.  

We have done this previously with the Windows Agent utilizing the "UploadLocation" set to "file:////"  and it works.

I'm not a Unix person...not sure if i need to mount the share prior to doing this...i'm fooling around with different things, but curious if anyone has ever done this.  it's a fairly small environment---so options are fairly limited (no web/FTP services), and would rather not have to manually collect the NDI files from each system.  Thanks for any ideas or thoughts.

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