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Script required to delete Servers & Workstation from FNMS

We want to remove non reporting Servers over 30 days from FNMS. We also want to remove non reporting Workstation over 90 Days from FNMS. 

Is there any script available for the above action ? 

We are using FNMS 2022 R2

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Script is not required. Its inbuild feature in FNMS .

Under system setting , Inventory TAB,Can enable option 

Obsolete inventory--Remove inventory devices that have not uploaded FlexNet inventory for some time.

I want this to be different for servers & Workstation. 

The servers that did not report for more than 30 Days  & Workstation that did not report for more than 90 Days. 



In that case you have to create a customized business adapter for delete record based on computer compliance id.

You may refer below article