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Flexera Discovery for Tibco Hawk Core Points license

Hello Team,

It has been identified that , Flexera is not able to recognize the 'Tibco Hawk' application on required servers. However it has recognized this application on different set of servers. As per the application team/product team Tibco Hawk application is not installed on the list of servers which Flexera has recognized. Latest scan refresh and Flexera inventory reconciliation job is completed. Still Tibco Hawk is not reflecting on Flexera UI.  To troubleshoot this issue further i am planning to get NDI files on these servers, to check any foot print of the Tibco Hawk application. Please let me know if there is any other way to troubleshoot this issue further.

Any assistance on this greatly appreciated.

Sachin MS

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By Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Hi Sachin,  I've seen an issue with some Tibco Hawk installs(  v4.9 ) where the executable doesn't have a file extension so aren't mapped in the ARL.  The files in my example were called tibhawksnmp and tibhawksnmp-mib.  The solution that worked for us is listed below. 

As these files have no extension and do not already exist in the library (ARL or local), these are not carried through to the UI. You will need to manually create the file evidence records (Applications & Evidence->All Evidence->File Evidence tab->Create Evidence button) and then link the evidence to the existing Hawk SNMP Adapter 4.9 application.

HI @mharman ,
I have created file evidence manually and mapped to Tibco Hawk application. After completing the reconciliation task, unfortunately i was not able see the any device being populated. So Flexera is not able to recognize the file evidence created manually. Please let me know if there any way out for this issue. 

Kind regards,
Sachin MS

Hi Sachin, there might be something specific to your Tibco setup that is preventing it being picked up.  I'd suggest it's worth raising a support case so the team can take a more detailed look at it for you. 

Here is an example of what fields in the "Identification" section of a file evidence recognition rule for the file "tibhawkagent" on Unix-like operating systems might look like to be able to successfully used for recognition:


Also ensure that you use an existence rule of either "At least one" or "Required" when linking the file evidence rule to the application.

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