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One of the server is not showing up the hardware information to calculate the license

Hi Team,

Does anyone know why the server is not showing up the hardware information? The server is been inventorying uptodate, and the Oracle instances are running fine as well. The only issue is that the core information is not showing up in the Flexera Console. Please let me know if you have an idea of what would be the cause.


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Can you let us know what platform/OS Version this server is running?  It is a bare metal box or virtual?  If virtual, what is the virtualization technology?

What is the source of the hardware inventory?

If this is imported from a 3rd-party discovery source, then if you look at the server within that discovery tool, you will likely see that the number of cores is 0, which means you need to work through that Discovery Tool to determine why it is not capturing the number of cores.

If this is coming from the Flexera Agent, then there may be different reasons, such as this is a OS Platform/version or virtualization hypervisor not fully supported.  Or the agent is not running with full Admin/sudo to root access.