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M365 connector imports UPN(UserPrincipalName) or Email

Hi All,

I have recently noticed M365 email id present in All users is not matching with emailid in Azure. But it matches with username\UserPrincipalName.

Does M365  imports Email id or UserPrincipalName? If it is importing UserPrincipalName why it is not importing Email id? is there any logical reason behind it?

Thank you


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When connecting to M365, the user information is matched to the existing users in FNMS based on the email address returned from the Portal.  If a match on email address is not made, then a new User is created in FNMS.

This means that after Users are created within FNMS from Active Directory, or from an SCCM Import - the email address must be updated on the existing users, as the email address is not populated.  This can be performed by creating a Business Adapter to connect to Active Directory through LDAP to match on AD Account Name and update the User email address.

If the email address in your M365 Portal does not have the same format/domain as your email addresses in Active Directory, then you need to use a Business Adapter to update the existing users in FNMS with the M365 EMail Address and update the Alternate Email address on the User record within FNMS.

Hi @kclausen ,

Thank you for your suggestion! I understand how to merge the records by updating emailid in alternate email address.

But i would like to understand, What property does M365 connector fetch from Azure for the email field in FNMS? Is it UPN or email address?

I have an user whose UPN value ( & email values ( are different in Azure, M365 connector imported UPN value ( and it updated that on the email id field of FNMS.

Hence i would like to understand, is this default behavior of M365 connector? (fetching upn value from azure & updating it on fnms email field?

If yes why are we fetching UPN value when we have email address value available in azure?

Thank you

By Technical Writer
Technical Writer
The connector uses the UPN for the email field. Please vote and subscribe to the following idea to be able to use a different field: