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License and Inventory device with application tab creation

Hello Dear Community,

Background: I work on the FNMS cloud solution.

I am on a sail to create licenses in Flexera via the business adapter studio - Any tips on this approach would be greatly appreciated - Right now, I am focusing on the OOTB csv templates found on the Examplecsv folder. Any other approach recommendation would be great!

Also, I do have inventory devices created(via a business adapter) in UAT but I don't see the application tab on these devices -
Is there a possibility I can leverage the created devices to consume application entries on them?

My goal is do an end to end testing on how licenses can be allocated to inventory devices for applications found on the devices. Also to create evidences manually and link with application record for local evidence creation.

Any answers in this regard will be real helpful

Thank you


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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

I'd be interested to hear recommendations from others who routinely use the Business Adapter as well. In the meantime, I would suggest taking a look at the following docs:

Business Adapter Practice Guide (access via link below, or via Community homepage> Self-Service hub>  download practice guides)

Using FlexNet Business Adapters

I hope this helps. 


@jlynch11  Thank you for the answers here ! We were able to modify our ADDM adapters  using a where clause with a column name referencing to the ADDM schema for host name (the changes applied to all XMLs wherever applicable)to bring in app data into Flexera cloud on a selective basis in UAT.

However, we are still working on the license automation piece of it.



While it is possible to create license records using a business adapter, do be aware of a couple of considerations:

  • You will not get the benefit of using license templates from the Product Use Rights Library (PURL). All settings on the license will be up to you to configure. Depending on your particular scenario, this may be an acceptable constraint.
  • Not all properties and relationships on license records can be populated using business adapters. Depending on what details you want to configure on the licenses, you may find that you can only do that by creating licenses from PURL templates in the UI or by processing purchase data, or by editing license records in the UI directly.

To import software inventory evidence data (so populate the Application tab on inventory device records) you need to use an inventory adapter, not a business adapter. One way to do this that may work for you is to put your inventory data into an appropriate CSV format and use the built-in capability to import that. See online help content on doing this here: Inventory Data One-Off Upload Page

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