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Inventorying Oracle DB's Without smon

Has anyone had any experience with Oracle introspection on databases that don't have smon enabled? I know the agent looks for asm_smon or ora_smon to identify the user running the instance, but if the databases don't have smon enabled is there any other option?

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Just to add to this rather than post another question - it sounds like configuring the FlexNet agent to utilize Oracle's PMON (Process Monitor) in lieu of SMON for introspection purposes.  Would anyone have any information regarding how to configure the agent in this way?

Current versions of the FlexNet inventory agent are hard-coded to look for "ora_smon_*", "xe_smon_*" or "asm_smon_*" processes to identify the Oracle Database instance SID, the OS user running the instance and to try and determine the Oracle home.

There is no way to "configure" the agent to look for other processes such as pmon. If observing details from a pmon process could give the same information as an smon process (I don't know myself if it could), that would require a change to be implemented in the agent itself.

As an observation, it does seem a little unusual that no smon process is running. According to "SMON must always be running for an instance. If not, the instance will terminate."

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