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Oracle Server Worksheet

I'm not understanding the definition of "Number of Licenses in Use" in the FNMS online help information for OSW.  

Why do I see 0 on many entries when I would expect to see some liceneses in use.  Does anyone know what would cause this?



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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

An obvious cause of this would be that you don't have a license record set up that identifies and calculates any consumption for the instance(s) which are showing up with a "Number of licenses in use" value of 0. So a first thing to check would be whether you see a non-0 license consumption number associated with the instance and the server it is running on when you view the "Consumption" tab of the appropriate Oracle Database license record in the UI.

For reference, here is a pointer to online help content which discuss the OSW columns: Oracle Server Worksheet for Oracle Database Report

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