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FNMS Intune connector?

New customer is using Intune  - is there connector for FNMS for intune ?
Does Intune provde enough installation evidence to support end user device ARL? or would the FlexNet agent be required to also be installed?

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The last time we investigated, InTune did not provide installer evidence for 32-bit/64-bit applications - the API only provided evidence for Microsoft Universal Applications. But we continue to look at InTune.
Hello, is there in the Flexera product map or plan to include Microsoft Intune ?

The status is still the same, i.e. Intune is still not exposing all required information through its API, and therefore the FNMS - Intune integration is still in the backlog.



Sorry to bring up again this topic, but I received a request from customer who want to use inventory imports from intune. 

For the beginning they want to use Flexera to gather software inventory from workstations and use to track white listed and black listed application, and to generate reports and announce users if they have blacklisted applications.

If we have access to intune SQL database can we expose and import this information in Flexera?

If we can't gather this information from intune should we roll out agents to workstation, they are not very happy about rolling out agents on workstations.


@adrian_ritz1 - Intune is Cloud-based, and therefore the only way to extract data is through its Published API.  With the original roots of Intune focused on mobile devices and applications, the API only exposes evidence for Microsoft Universal Applications.  File Evidence, MSI Evidence and 32/64-bit Add/Remove entries are not exposed in the API and therefore provides an extremely limited view of raw inventory for FlexNet Manager.  At the present time, this must be gap-filled with the FNMS Agent.

Hi @kclausen ,

Thank you for your answer then I will investigate in this area, rolling out agents on all workstations that are managed by intune.


may there is some development in this topic? Accenture Cloud is providing fully InTune managed devices and we are asked to connect InTune directly to the FNMS. 

Is there any development or official plan for providing an full supported InTune adapter which is indeed delivering the installer evidences for 32-bit/64-bit applications, too?

Thx. and Best Regards - Werner



There's still no officially supported Intune integration, i.e. it's still in the roadmap plans.

Flexera's professional services team has developed a custom adapter that's also available to its implementation partners as an interim workaround. Please reach out to your account team if you want to explore this option.


Hi John,

thanks for your reply. I know this opportonity aready and I was in contact with the Flexera Account Management and the service team, too. This adapter has several problems and is not offizial supportet by Flexera. So we currently decided to use the Flexera Agent instead. But this is not a midterm or longterm option.

My intention is getting an official supported adapter, by Flexera. So please be so kind and let me know how does your respective roadmap looks like. And how you will cope the not provided evidenzies? Is there any cooperation with MS?

Best Regards - Werner



I've asked the Flexera account team to reach out to you directly on this topic and organize a call with our product management team.


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