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Is it possible to change fnmp database connector type in budiness adapter?

Dears ,

Is it possible to change the database connector type for connecting to FNMP database in business adapter studio ?

I can see it is connecting to DB using OLED Provider for SQL server by default, but I would like to change this to other types ( SQL OLED driver for example)

Note: the connector im referring here is not for external connecting to datasources , I want to change this for fnmp db connection itself .

Many thanks,
Junaid Vengadan
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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


You should be able to provide a "custom" connection string. With that you might be able to target a specific DSN (data source name), which you can configure in your local server ODBC settings.

Is there a specific reason you want to mess with the DB drivers?

Best regards,



Sorry for the delay in response 


Yeah we went custom string , without using the string builder (available in three dots ) as it supports only OLEDB Provider (for FNMP DB connection only) - i have reported the same to support for further action.

The reason for this approach was , the TLS connection issue was reported in the server when using OLEDB Provider (unfortunately we were not able fix the TLS issue after trying all required worksrounds)