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FNMS 2023R1 Intune Adapter failed after appying latest hotfix - logic.ps1

Hello Team,

Please provide permanent solution to fix this intune adpater error. This intermittent issue is causing major blocks in intune invnetory in FNMS.

PFA - hotfix used

Looking forward for quick resolution/response on this.

Thanks, Awadh

(3) Replies
By Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Hi @avi0408 , Can you please raise this with the Flexera support? We could assist you better that way.


We are also getting the same error for User's import. Are you @avi0408   able to get the solution for this issue. 

2024-06-20 14:44:42,047 [INFO ] Failed to execute Reader 'Get Intune Users' from file C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\ImportProcedures\Inventory\Reader\microsoft intune\User.xml, at step line 1
Error: '', hexadecimal value 0x1A, is an invalid character.

2024-06-20 14:44:42,097 [ERROR] System.ArgumentException: '', hexadecimal value 0x1A, is an invalid character.
at System.Xml.XmlUtf8RawTextWriter.InvalidXmlChar(Int32 ch, Byte* pDst, Boolean entitize)

Hello @venugopal5690 , your error message is different - get intune users stage. Please trt to extract the hostfix provided by Flexera from PLC to fix this error. It contains updated logic ps file which needs to be replaced on app server. Once update, try to run the adapter on becaon (after restarting beacon services). Let me know how it goes.


Thanks, Awadh