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Business Data One-Off Upload

Can the downloadable template be expanded beyond the basic that is originally downloaded?

For example, filling out the template and uploading does not fill in fields such as:

Authorized By
Processed By

Otherwise, we have to open each purchase order  and update all of these fields by hand. This seems counter-intuitive to uploading bulk purchases.

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Hi @Coravix
These additional values can be uploaded via a business importer in bulk.


How would I go about doing that? The fields are not present in the base template download.  I tried adding those fields to the template myself to no effect. I obtained the template from: Top right corner gear > Data Inputs. From there to One off Upload >  Business Data Tab > Purchase Order Upload ? > Standard (radial button) > Download purchase order data templates.


You may want to check the Business Adapter Practice Guide and then you would be able to schedule a beacon task that adds the extra attributes from your extended template to the PO's created from the one-off upload process.


@Coravix - Instead of importing some fields with the PO Template, and other fields such as Requestor with a Business Adapter, you should consider importing all of your fields in a single step with a Business Adapter.

Create your spreadsheet with the columns you need and then use a Business Adapter to import everything.



Thank you both very much for your response. I wasn't involved in the initial adapters set up, but I ill dig in and see what I can find out from our admins that did the initial load-out.