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All Data Imports sitting in a pending state and does not complete

Good day community

We are experiencing an issue where all of our Data Imports are sitting in a pending state. They do not complete. We recently upgraded to 2020 R1.

We have checked the following:

  • All services are running on the batch server
  • All iis application pools are started and are running with the correct account on the web, batch and inventory server
  • All logs show no errors at all
  • All the data imports zip files are sitting in the D:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Beacon\IntermediateData on the batch server. It's stuck there
  • I have added the command timeout in the registry and it is set to 8 hrs

Please advise urgently 🙂


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Have you checked if something is stuck in the BatchProcessor?

BatchProcessTaskConsole.exe list-tasks

Best regards,


@mfranz - yes there are stuck jobs since the past 2 days. Even if i kill the tasks. When the imports happens again they sit in a pending state


try to reset the user and password in the Microsoft IIS application pools where ever your Flexera service account can be found there.

Restart IIS, that should help...

Thanks & best regards


@Oliver, @mfranz 

That was done twice already. Any other suggestions


Is there any log indicating what process exaclty is stuck? Is it importing the zip files, a reader or a writer?

Best regards,


@mfranz - The zip files get uploaded from the beacon and are stuck on the batch server. Nothing happens after

You mentioned, your import tasks were pending in the Batch Process Scheduler. I would guess there must be one process currently active, blocking the system. They can't be all pending, can they?

@mfranz - From what i see they are all in a pending state

Do you see any errors in the Batch Processor or Batch Processor Scheduler log files?

@kclausen - No errors in the logs

  • Can you clear the Scheduler/Batch Processor completely?
  • What has led to this? A migration? Did you copy the database from anywhere else?
  • Did it work before?

@mfranz - 

Cleared both, but problem still persists

We only upgraded, we did not migrate. So it is the original DB. We upgraded from 2019 R1 to 2020 R1

It last worked 5 days ago.

Do you Batch Process log files show ANY activity?

Have your verified that the Batch Processor and Batch Process Scheduler services are running.  If not, try to manually start them.  If they are running, then restart the servers and recheck the activity in the Log Files.

@kclausen @mfranz  - I have restarted the batch services many times, some go through and some still sit in pending state

It takes a very long time for imports to run

Attached are the logs as well.

Looks like the compliance calculation from the morning is still running. You should check the log for this process from ...\Compliance\Logging\ComplianceReader