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Solved Restrict App Portal Access For Group of Users

We need to restrict access to the App Portal web page for a group of users.  We have an AD group create that includes all users we want to have access and excludes the users we don't want to have access. We have followed this KB Managing Catalog Perm...

Solved Compatibility with Micro SysPrep

We are planning an upgrade to Windows 11 and more specifically compatibility with Microsoft SysPrep. I've been asked to check if App Broker/App Portal is compatible: Ability to be anonymized (will it work with Microsoft SysPrep) Any commands needed t...

Solved Connect App Broker to SCCM in Azure

Does anyone have experience in setting up an AB environment on premises, but connecting to SCCM in Azure? Are there any changes to the deployment technology connection process? 

Solved App Broker integration to AWS Systems Manager

I'm being asked if there are any plans to integrate App Broker to AWS Systems Manager for software deployment or if there is a way to deploy software from App Broker/App Portal to AWS Systems Manager  Software Deployment to Amazon WorkSpaces Using AW...