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Add user to an AAD group

I just created an Idea asking for functionality that would update an AAD group directly on Approval / Checkout.  Today, App Portal will only add to on-prem AD groups.     Please  vote it up if you think this would be helpfulExtend functionality on Se...

Solved App Portal 2023 R2 working well with SQL Server 2022 ?

Hello App Portal CustomersI am wondering if anyone installs your App Portal 2023 R2 (or R1) on the SQL Server 2022 version? Somehow officially the release note of AP 2023 R2 doesn't include the supportability of SQL Server 2022 (Link)Not sure whether...

Screenshot 2024-02-23 105254.png
Big_Kev by Level 7 Champion
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Solved Deleting Catalog Items and Category Package Count

I have been testing bulk uploading a lot of catalog items into a dev instance of App Broker, and this involved often deleting catalog items during the process. Rather than going through each one individual in the UI and archiving them, I did a DELETE...

Does AppPortal support sending multiple category selections for catalog items to ServiceNow via the ##Category## field in 'category' and 'ap_category'  in the ITSM?

AppPortal permits multiple categories to be selected for a singled catalog item but it appears the ITSM interface to ServiceNow only sends a single category for each catalog item.Does AppPortal support sending multiple category selections for catalog...

Appbroker Unauthorized: Access

Hello The site is throwing out the following error message when trying to access appbroker site 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you s...

fenluo by Level 5
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Update Deployment Status Manually

Is there a way to manually update the status of a deployment to succeeded or failed in App Broker? Maybe just a flag in the database? We are trying to continue testing workflows from ServiceNow while we troubleshoot an Intune issue with Microsoft's A...

Solved Uninstalling software form MAC devices using JAMF Admin

Uninstalling software form MAC devices using JAMF AdminWhat is the recommended approach from Flexera to uninstall software from MAC Devices seeing as JAMF has retired JAMF Admin last March 2024?  Is there an alternate approach recommended by JAMF and...