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Solved Moving SCCM DB to a new server

Hello - We have moved our SCCM DB to a new SQL server and it is now listening on a custom port.   The old DB still exists on the old server for now, in read only mode.  Under Site Admin -> Settings -> Deployment we have updated the DB Server name fie...

Reclaiming End of Life licenses

Microsoft Office 2013 licenses have reached their end of life, and we would like to reclaim any unused licenses.Can someone guide on which option would be more suitable?1) Configure License Reclamation Policy2) Configure Retire Campaign Policy

App Portal / FNMS License

When an App Portal catalog item is mapped to a FlexNet Manager Suite application, and that application is linked to multiple FNMS licenses the 'Available License' count is incorrect. We are having problems with apps such as Visual Studio Professional...

Solved Unexpected error removing question condition

I'm trying to remove a condition on a question and get an unexpected error.  the websit.log shows the following error.  I wasn't able to find any previous forum posts for this.  Has anyone experienced this? This is happening for any question I try to...

Solved Alternate subtab with classification

I'm setting up classifications (we only have a handful of preferred items over non-preferred) and I've set up two items so far - one as preferred, one as non-preferred.  I set the Global classification and an alternate message. When I go to the alter...

Solved Selecting deployment tools based on the question answered

Hello App Portal Team I have a question from the user asking whether it's possible for App Portal Catalogue item to choose which deployment tool to use based on the question that user answered? My understanding the App Portal Catalogue Item support m...

Big_Kev by Level 7 Champion
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Solved HTTP Error 503 Service un-available - App Portal

Hi Team,   While accessing app portal it's showing "HTTP Error 503 Service un-available". We have checked ESD service but unable to start service. While starting service it's showing mentioned error message: -  Error 1067: The process terminated unex...

Solved App Portal & FNMS which product should upgrade first?

Hello App Portal experts I have a client still using FNMS & App Portal 2017 version and surprisingly they are still working fine (integrated with each other).  Now, It's time to do both products upgrade to the latest 2022 R1 (R2 for FNMS).   However...

Big_Kev by Level 7 Champion
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Solved App Portal moving from SCCM to Intune

Hi Flexera community,We are having a plan to move from SCCM to Intune as a main deployment method for App Portal. Whenever we move the applications to Intune, the application references will be different and it is the Manual job to do the change.My q...