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App Broker integration with MS Power Platform?

We've moved away from using Workflow Manager as our SW packaging solution to instead using MS Power Platform. We are curious if there is any native support between App Broker and MS Power Platform as we're exploring building additional workflows betw...

Solved Application Failure Last Status ID

Is there is any list of all Last State ID with description for easy mapping and troubleshooting. We have seen many failures in AppPortal with last state ID as 11 under table dbo.WD_PackageRequests. Need to understand what that code stands for. Tried ...

Logout functionality for app broker/App Portal

Maybe I missed it in the documentation but is there logoff/logout functionality for app broker? There is a security requirement to have functionality for users to logout of App Portal. Also is there a way to automatically log out for stale sessions? ...

HTTP Error 500.19 Solution

In a customer's environment today App Broker went down and in the web browser a 500.19 Internal Server Error was showing (details in the screenshot). Based on the information shown in the browser, it looked like there was a  problem with duplicates i...

Solved App Portal 2023 R2 working well with SQL Server 2022 ?

Hello App Portal CustomersI am wondering if anyone installs your App Portal 2023 R2 (or R1) on the SQL Server 2022 version? Somehow officially the release note of AP 2023 R2 doesn't include the supportability of SQL Server 2022 (Link)Not sure whether...

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Intune Error Message for Integration

We are working on the intune integration for app broker, but running into an error at the moment stating that either the prereqs aren't met or the configuration is incorrect. It seems like the configuration to connect to the Dev Intune is all correct...