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Configuring the WFM Portal in DMZ server

Summary: This article will help you to configure WFM portal Website in a DMZ server upon which it, Accepts the requests from the Internet clientsForwards them to the Workflow ManagerGets responses from the Workflow ManagerForwards them to the client...


Authentication error when attempting to enable Windows Authentication and connect to AdminStudio via Enterprise server tab

Summary: Users may encounter Authentication error when they try to log in to AdminStudio Enterprise server if the IIS settings are not correctly set. Symptoms: When attempting to login to catalog via AdminStudio Enterprise server users may encounter...

Error.PNG Website level.PNG switch.PNG Auth.PNG

Sender address rejected: Access denied

Details the steps to resolve the "Sender address rejected: Access denied" message in Workflow Manager. Symptoms You may see this error in your Workflow Manager(WFM) logs:Sender address rejected: Access deniedAlong with:The server response was: 5.7.1 ...

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Logging Workflow Manager

This article discusses how to enable logging in Workflow Manager. Synopsis This article discusses how to enable logging in Workflow Manager. Discussion Locate the wwwroot folder where Workflow Manager is installed (Example: <AdminStudioEnterpriseSe...

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