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Workflow Manager Lifecycle Timeline

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Application Version General Availability End of Standard Lifecycle End of Limited Lifecycle Lifecycle as of Today Workflow Manager 2018 2018-10-31 2021-10-31 2022-10-31 Standard Life Cycle Workflow Manager 2017 2017-11-22 2020-11-22 2021-11...
by Community Manager KPBussey Community Manager

Optional Values for UploadFolderStructure in Web.config

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This article details the valuaes that work for UploadFolderStructure in Web.config for Workflow Manager. Synopsis The UploadFolderStructure element in the web.config can be set with multiple values to specify the folder structure used on the file sys...
by Flexera ayung_2831 Flexera

Configuring a Template to Use Limit To Assigned Users.

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This article details how to configure a template to use limit to assigned users in Workflow Manager. Synopsis The Limit To Assigned Users checkbox requires Edit Permissions at the Step Level to override Phase Level Permissions to work correctly. Dis...
by Flexera ayung_2831 Flexera

Deactivation of AdminStudio and WiseScript Editor

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SummaryIf you find that it will be necessary to move your license to a new machine, the license must first be returned or deactivated from the previous machine before it can be activated on the new machine.SynopsisAdminStudio and WiseScript Editor no...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager