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Workflow Manager and AES "License is invalid." Error

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This article details resolution for the Workflow Manager and AES "License is invalid" error. Symptoms A known valid license will show "License is invalid." in the config.exe tool when trying to activate.Config.exe will not properly activate AES or Wo...
by Flexera ayung_2831 Flexera

Assign Users to Workflow using the AdminStudio Process Assistant

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SummaryOn the Project Assignment view, no imported users show up for selection.SymptomsWhen trying to assign an user to a workflow through the AdminStudio Process Assistant, none of the imported users show up. As a result, the process cannot be compl...
by Flexera Ken536 Flexera

Uninstall of AdminStudio stuck

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SummaryHow to uninstall AdminStudio when the UI prevents the users from selecting a radio button .SymptomsWhen uninstalling AdminStudio, the user is prompted to uninstall or stop the services that AdminStudio installed. There is an issue where the ra...
by Flexera Flex-Jeremy Flexera