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Describe the difference between the AdminStudio Software Repository and how Workflow Manager handles files with the File Share


What is the difference between the Workflow Manager File Share and AdminStudio Software Repository?


AdminStudio Software Repository

A Windows Installer, virtual, or mobile app package is made up of many files that are executed when the package is either installed or is run. However, only the main installation or application file (such as a .msi, .sft, .appv, .xpf, .exe, .profile, .ipa, .appx, or .apk) is imported into the Application Catalog database.

To safeguard these additional files against alteration or being misplaced, you can choose to manage packages using the Software Repository. The Software Repository gives you a secure, transparent storage system for your AdminStudio data, especially packages used in the enterprise.

To be able to import packages into the Software Repository of an Application Catalog, the Application Catalog must first have the Software Repository enabled. You can only choose to enable the Software Repository feature when you are creating a new Application Catalog.

When an Application Catalog is enabled for the Software Repository, a Software Repository directory location must be specified. You must specify that location and the proxy account credentials for that location during Application Catalog creation, but you can edit those entries at any time.

Workflow Manager File Share

In the course of completing workflow requests, your workflow consumers and administrators may want to upload or download files relevant to the tasks they are performing. All of these files are uploaded to or downloaded from a subdirectory of the file share location that was specified during Workflow Manager installation.

For each workflow request that is created, a set of subdirectories is automatically created in the Workflow Manager file share location to organize these files.

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