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AdminStudio Lifecycle Timeline

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Application Version General Availability End of Standard Lifecycle End of Limited Lifecycle Lifecycle as of Today AdminStudio 2018 2018-04-27 2021-04-27 2022-04-27 Standard Life Cycle AdminStudio 2016 2016-06-23 2019-06-23 2020-06-23 Standa...
by Community Manager KPBussey Community Manager

Failed to upgrade Application Catalog with AdminStudio

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SummaryThis article discusses an error when trying to upgrade an Application Catalog using AdminStudio 2018.SymptomsWhen trying to upgrade an application with AdminStudio 2018 an error like the following may be returned:Upgrading to Target Applicatio...
by Flexera WheresThePizza Flexera

AdminStudio LoadInjectionDriver failed. Error: 577

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SummaryAdminStudio Repackager error when using Installation Monitoring.SymptomsUsing AdminStudio Repackager and the Installation Monitoring method results in error: LoadInjectionDriver failed. Error 577Steps To ReproduceStart the Reapackaging Wizard...
by Flexera GeorgeK Flexera