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Workflow Manager and AES "License is invalid." Error

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This article details resolution for the Workflow Manager and AES "License is invalid" error. Symptoms A known valid license will show "License is invalid." in the config.exe tool when trying to activate.Config.exe will not properly activate AES or Wo...
by Flexera ayung_2831 Flexera

Sender address rejected: Access denied

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Details the steps to resolve the "Sender address rejected: Access denied" message in Workflow Manager. Symptoms You may see this error in your Workflow Manager(WFM) logs:Sender address rejected: Access deniedAlong with:The server response was: 5.7.1 ...
by Flexera ayung_2831 Flexera

Notifications And\Or Permissions Are Not Behaving Correctly.

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This article details the workaround for when Workflow Manager notifications and\or permissions are not behaving correctly. Symptoms Email Notifications in WFM(Workflow Manager) may not be being sent correctly for certain Phases or Steps.Permissions f...
by Flexera ayung_2831 Flexera

Optional Values for UploadFolderStructure in Web.config

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This article details the valuaes that work for UploadFolderStructure in Web.config for Workflow Manager. Synopsis The UploadFolderStructure element in the web.config can be set with multiple values to specify the folder structure used on the file sys...
by Flexera ayung_2831 Flexera