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Foundation/CloudScape Knowledge Base

Multiple Language Support

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Question: Can Cloudscape support discovery of multilingual Operating System ? Answer: The Cloudscape platform can support a single language per environment. If the codec value is set to a value other than the RN150 default value, then you will see...
by Flexera RCharette Flexera

Discovery Scan Time

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Question: How long will it take for a Discovery scan to complete? Answer: A Discovery scan take anywhere from a couple of minutes, to a couple of days, or longer in some cases to complete. Completion time will be dependent on the number of subnets, ...
by Flexera mjamison Flexera

Discovery Process

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Question: How does the device Discovery process work? Answer: During the Discovery process, the RN150 virtual machine will use ICMP to verify a device is responsive. Once a reply is received, it will then check if WMI, SSH or SNMP ports are open. De...
by Flexera mjamison Flexera

Supported web browsers

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Question: Which web browser should I use when navigating the Portal? Answer: We have found that web browsers such as IE or Edge can be buggy with our Platform and may not properly work from time to time. For this reason, we recommend and support th...
by Flexera mjamison Flexera