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Best Practices for Using Burst Licenses

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Instructions for Applying Burst Licenses on Your Assessment: After completing the Discovery Scans, and confirming the devices you'd like to licensed for Performance Collection, below are the steps to apply 30 day Burst licenses: On the Collect Data...
by Flexera lthackler Flexera

Cloudscape - Load Balancer - SNMP/SSH VIP Collection

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Question:How do we see VIP information from the load balancers? Answer:F5 load balancers require SSH credentials for VIP detail, SNMP collection does not support the collection of VIP detail. (The platform only supports SNMP collection for Netscaler...
by Flexera RCharette Flexera

Cloudscape - Subscriptions - Getting Started

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Question:We just received our subscription key, can you tell us how to start the assessment? Answer:Please find the below link for documentation and other resources for getting started with the Cloudscape/Foundation platform.
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Cloudscape - Who Talks Most to the Internet

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Question:What does ‘who talks most to the internet’ indicate? Answer:The ‘Who Talks the Most to the Internet' metric indicates the number of 'distinct conversations' that are sourced from the internet with the destination address of the devices in t...
by Flexera RCharette Flexera

Cloudscape - Windows Server 2016 and 2019 RSCORE

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Question:Why do 2016 and 2019 Windows servers get an RSCORE? Answer:This is done to identify devices that can be lift and shifted to the cloud. In regards to why devices with Postgre or Mysql in the runpath get a Replatorm RSCORE, this is because th...
by Flexera RCharette Flexera